Paweł Gadkowski Advocate’s office

Paweł Gadkowski Advocate’s office was opened in 2000 and it is located in Gliwice, Prymasa Stefana Wyszyńskiego 11 Street, on the 2nd floor in the part of the building belonging to PROJPRZEM S.A., room number 207 C (until march 2016 the previous localization of the office has been: Zygmunta Starego 9 Street in Gliwice).

The founder of the advocate’s office is Advocate Paweł Gadkowski, the member of District Faculty of Advocates in Katowice, acquiring authorities to run cases in front of common courts (district courts, regional courts and courts of appeal) and administrative courts (provincial administrative courts) in whole Poland, as well as to appeal for cassation to Supreme Court and to Primal Administrative Court, constitiutional complaint to Constitutional Tribunal and complaint to European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Advocate’s office of Paweł Gadkowski is working on the basis of founder’s several dozen years of experience both as an advocate and as a legal counsellor. Its functioning is based on the principle of ensuring an efficient, reliable and professional legal services both to natural person – by representing them in front of courts and administrative authority – and to all kinds of entrepreneurs and others subjects – by a single legal assistance, as well as by regular legal services.

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