Rules of the service of an electronic legal advice

We strongly encourage you to use our service of an electronic legal advice. This service is referred to people who want to obtain legal advice or a draft of a pleading in electronic form in an uncomplicated case (when the facts or the legal issues of the case are not complex) and when there is no need to analyze extensive documentation. An electronic legal advice includes such services as written legal advice, written legal opinion of the matter and other similar legal services, especially such as drafting a pleading etc.).

In order to use this form of legal service, please contact us by the following e-mail address: or fill the contact form below (your message will be automatically sent to our e-mail). When filling the contact form or when writing us an e-mail, please make a detailed description of the facts and legal issues of the case in which you want to receive an advice (or a draft of pleading), write precise questions concerning the law in your case or describe precisely another legal service, that you want to obtain and attach scans or photocopies of documents necessary for the service you apply for. Please make sure that you have provided your correct contact details, especially your e-mail address and the phone number, because they are needed to contact with you by the office, especially to send you information about an amount of remuneration for the service and to provide you the service.

As soon as we receive your request for an electronic legal advice service (or another service) we will make the initial valuation of the total cost of providing the service. There is a possibility that – before making the valuation – we would contact you to ask additional questions that are needed to make a correct valuation. The questions may concern factual or legal aspects of your case. All correspondence regarding the service will be sent to your e-mail address, provided in the contact form or in your e-mail.

When you agree to the proposed price of the service and when we receive the remuneration for the service to our bank account (the information of a number of our bank account will be given to you simultaneously with the valuation of the service), we will make the service in previously determined period of time). The electronic legal advice service (or other service you applied for) will be sent you by e-mail in the file format .pdf or .doc.

In case the client canceled the ordered service after he or she had received the valuation of the service, but before the payment of the remuneration for the service, the client would not be charged with any costs.

Our office reserves the right to refuse to provide an electronic legal advice service after making a preliminary legal analysis of the described case – if the factual or legal aspects of the case are too complex so it is impossible to provide it in an electronic form. In that instance, instead of valuation, the customer will receive the information about the refusal to provide the service in that form and will receive an invitation to a meeting in our office in order to obtain an oral legal advice.

Please, add attachments in the form of: doc, docx, pdf, jpg. In case of several attachments, please pack them into zip format