Our services:

Criminal law

Representation before criminal courts in all instances – in full range of cases

Civil law

Cases concerning compensation, damages and compensatory pension (due to medical error, traffic accidents, accidents at work etc.) cases for payment, for protection of personal rights, etc. A service of analyzing and drafting civil agreements.

Family and guardianship law

Cases concerning divorce, separation, alimony, determination or denial of paternity, parental authority, division of marital property, adoption, incapacitation etc.

Labor law and social security law

Cases concerning wrongful dismissal, damages, establishing existence of an employment relationship between parties, social security, appellation against a decision of the Social Insurance Institution concerning a right to a pension or a degree of disability, etc. A service of analyzing and reviewing contracts of employment.

Cases related to real estate

Ownership issues, cases concerning infringement of possession, usucaption (acquisitive prescription), establishing easements, expropriation of real estate, etc.

Administrative law

Cases concerning education law, local government law, the process of investment or constructing of the buildings etc.

Inheritance law

Cases concerning determination of the acquisition of inheritance, division of inheritance, protection of inheritance, acceptation or disclamation an inheritance, contesting the will,

Economic, commercial and business law

Company law, commercial contract law, especially concerning the process of investment or constructing the buildings, bankruptcy and restructuring law, public procurement law etc. A service of analyzing, reviewing and drafting contracts, statutes, company regulations etc.

Form of giving services by the advocate’s office to natural person and individual objects

Our office gives the following services to natural person and individual objects:

  • oral legal advice – strictly in person
  • written legal advices and analysis – also in electronic form (by e-mail),
  • representation before the courts as an attorney ad litem, a defender, an auxiliary prosecutor -before common courts, Supreme Court, Primal Administrative Court, Constitutional Tribunal, European Court of Human Rights in Strasburg,
  • drafting pleadings, especially an appeal, contracts, statutes, company regulations etc.

Form of giving services by the advocate’s office to entrepreneurs and other professional objects

Our office offers a range of services for entrepreneurs as well as other professional objects. The services consist of giving opinions and legal advices, analyzing, reviewing and preparing contracts, statutes and other company regulations, establishing companies and legal services for companies, representing entrepreneurs in court proceedings etc.

Cooperation with the office may take a form of permanent legal service. This kind of service allows customer to receive complex legal services in time and on terms set in a contract for permanent legal service with our office. This form of cooperation allows to optimize cost of ordered services and adjust a speed of service and its kind according to the needs of entrepreneur. Each contract is considered in individual way and its conditions are negotiable.